Mint your destiny

A Hero — a disgraced test pilot — is given a chance at redemption by taking part in a secret competition called the DogeFight. But the hero's sponsor, an eccentric billionaire with a taste for the improbable, seems to be holding back key pieces of information... like the fact that this competition is a fight to the death — for the entire planet.

DogeFight is CryptoFic — an experimental type of fiction that merges NFTs (non-fungible tokens) with user-driven narratives. It's being written over the course of June, 2021, and gives a select few readers the ability to own and control pieces of the story — everything from characters' names to Earth-shattering plot twists. The story is outlined, but that's just a map. I'm ready to go off-roading.

Wait, what?

Think of it like National Novel-Writing Month mashed up with a Dungeon and Dragons campaign, except the dice can only be rolled by a select few players. The result will be a short novel — sci-fi with a thick layer of comedy — about a hero fighting steep odds to save the world.

Isn't that...I dunno, hard?

It ain't easy, that's for sure. But then I've written several novels in 3-day timeframes — with every keystroke visible to the audience — so let's just say this is a much more leisurely pace for me. I love literary improv, and I think if you give it a chance, you will too.

How much does it cost?

Reading along costs nothing. Chapters will be posted to this site as soon as they're done, so you can follow along without delay. Buying characters/chapters/wildcards will be done on an auctiony basis, weather permitting.

There are three main types of NFTs associated with this project:

  • Characters: There are 5 main cast members up for sale. Owning these NFTs gives you the ability to define things like the character's name, gender and key personality traits.
  • Chapters: Each of the 32 chapters is available for sale, too. If purchased before they're written, you can answer questions that will inject key details that will play out in the story. Either way, you'll also get access to the original chapter outline, so you'll see where the story was meant to go, before things got complicated.
  • Wildcards: There are just 3 wildcards up for grabs, and for a very good reason: unlike with characters or chapters, wildcards are unrestrained. They can be used to send the plot in a whole new direction — or maybe even resurrect the dead.

Why are you doing this?

Because it's never been done before, and I'm a sucker for potentially stupid ideas? I have no real expectations for how this will turn out. I'm ready for anything, but even if it's just me a bunch of weirdos spewing silliness into the ether for a month, that'll be just fine. I'll be posting at least a few post mortems as I go, to document the process for anyone who wants to try it, too.

Any other questions? Send me a message and I will try to sound smart when I reply.

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