Downward trajectory + bounce = ouch

MCMMonday, October 2, 2017

Well well well. It’s been a hell of a week, and I got very little done. I‘ve long suspected I have cycles to my brainwaves, and since, for the last month, I’ve felt like poop, I decided to track those cycles. Last week especially was horrible, but it gave me space to build a tool that covers everything from mental and creative levels, interests (books, tv, tech etc) and even weather patterns.

So with that in mind, my week ahead:


Schnell is the biggie of the week. Gotta submit four episodes on Tuesday afternoon. Luckily, 3.5 of them are done!

Parsley just had a second D1 in a week sent in, which is nice. Should have a bit of a lag before that opens up again.

Marco also sent in a second D1 in a week. Nothing more to do on that front for a while.


My primary focus this week is finishing Jacked 101. It’s 20,000 words right now, but the logic kinda fell apart somewhere in its translation from script to book. Once it’s done, I’ll be posting it up here (probably bumping The Problem King by a week).

After that, gotta leap back into** The Problem King**. My brain keeps circling back to it, which means it’s time.


Tangents will be a next-week thing, but my other big project this week (after Jacked) is finishing the package for Why Did You (name TBC). It’s gonna be awesome.

And that’s it. Next week, I’m hoping this list is auto-generated and a lot more realistic (the tracker will give everything a probability rank based on past performance and mood trends).

OK, enough writing. I’ve gotta get writing.

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