April 24, 2004

MCMSaturday, April 24, 2004
This post is from a version of my blog with inconsistent timestamps: evidently I was very good at defining 'modified' dates, but not 'created' dates. As such, I can't be sure when the content was actually written. Sorry!

A quick note tonight because I am only working as long as my battery lasts, and it's at 40% right now. Good method of cutting oneself off before one works too long, I find (ha!)

Site is re-org'd tonight, with the big menu shrunk to have just a few major items and bunch of sub-items. Really need a porting demo working now... would make this all so much easier.

Monitor City political foundations done up. Not good yet. Still thinking about it.

About to switch on the cross-ref system to auto-link article text with related info. Could be buggy. Let me know.

Might try sketching some more character stuff tomorrow, as well as writing up more info about the various parts of the city, like the MCCS and s'more stuff on Spirits.

I will hopefully also be activating the Projects section soon so that people can see what's planned next. I have a whole buncha things that need doing. yeep!

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