Monday Observations

MCMMonday, November 9, 2009

Here are some things I have noticed over the course of the day that I think apply to humanity as a whole.

  1. Facebook sucks. I started to dislike Facebook when it became clear it was aiming to replicate the worst parts of the BBS era without any of the goodness... but after discovering that you can't even run a little contest on your own page (and thus killing my Dustrunners contest in its last minutes of life), I am now fully sick of the site as a whole. I was skeptical about diluting my brand across multiple destinations, but this has made it easier to decide: 1889.ca and Twitter for me. The rest of the web can suck an egg :)
  2. Writing for kids is hard work. For every script I write where I can't do anything odd or mean or dangerous, I have to write a few stories where small animals get viciously mangled for kicks. I think this is a bad sign. It may be thematic Feng Shui, but it's still worrisome.
  3. Printing, signing, scanning and compiling dozens and dozens of Typhoon Collector's Editions takes a lot more time than you'd think. And I thought I'd thought. If you haven't got yours yet, please be patient. Thanks!
  4. Sonic has a hegemonic cartel, which may or may not have something to do with cellular traffic.
  5. I think in 2010, I will have to stop being so affable and try to emulate a Strong Personality motif, wherein people take me seriously because I take myself seriously. For example: I'm not experimenting with various business plans, I'm leveraging my years of experience in innovation to... to... yeah, it's gonna take some practice.
  6. Writing a blog post is significantly easier than drawing Xander.
  7. Writing a blog post is also easier than editing a podcast.

I can't wait for Topic Tag tomorrow. It helps define my existence these days... :(

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