I Can Help You Succeed at Publishing Online!

MCMMonday, July 27, 2009

Actually, I can't. Sorry. It sucks, but it's true.

I get a few of these emails every week, asking me to sell people my software or expertise, and I have to give the same answer every time: I can't deliver what you're looking for.

Look: I can sell you my Reader software, give you a PDF with a 12-step plan for success, have a one-on-one chat session to boost your confidence... but honestly, there's too much voodoo in publishing for me to guarantee results. I don't feel comfortable taking money under false pretences, and that's exactly what it would be.

The biggest thing you need to understand is that it all comes down to how good your writing is, and how well it connects with your audience. You can have the best viral marketing campaign in the universe, but if you can't hold your readers' attention past the first few sentences, you're dead. Some of that is craft, but a lot of it is dumb luck.

History is littered with really great ideas that flopped upon release, and even the smartest of the experts in the world can't really predict how any particular property will do. You're coming into this game at a disadvantage already, so honestly, anyone that tells you they can make you rich is either lying or delusional. Don't be suckered by them. They're not making a living publishing, they're making a living selling the dream to others.

So no, I won't take your money to help you become successful. I'll offer you tips about what worked and didn't work for me, and I'll definitely chat back and forth about whatever you like... but if you're looking for a magic bullet, let me save you some time: it doesn't exist. Concentrate on other things, and prepare for a long, hard battle.

Note 1: This is a sample of my Optimistic Pep Talk™ 2.0, available as a PDF for $4.99 in my e-Store!

Note 2: Not really.

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