Contest Time!

MCMWednesday, July 22, 2009

So you may have seen that The Vector was mentioned on the incomparable io9 today. Seriously, the highlight of my month. Really great write-up, except for one tiny thing...

What this blurb doesn't capture is the creepy, dark feel to the prose in this well-crafted novel.

The blurb doesn't capture it. Bugger. See, this is why you should never write your own blurbs.

WHICH IS WHY... I am having a contest! Write me a better blurb for the book, and you can win the very first paperback copy of the book! Yes, I set it up today, so it should be ready to go soon. So you'll get a free copy of the book, plus your quote on the back cover. How's that for a prize, eh?

Right. So email or comment me your submissions. I'd say about 400 words is the max for this kind of thing. Brevity is key. Punchy is key. You know, the kinds of things I apparently suck at.

I'll give you all until next Friday (31st of July) at 9PM Pacific to submit, and then I'll choose.

Good luck!

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