Me on Novelr

MCMTuesday, July 21, 2009

This is a post by me to recommend a post by me. On the excellent site Novelr, though! So it's a little different than usual.

It was a fun post to write, and hopefully a fun post to read. In it, I explain all the ways I've tried to sell books online. Lots of interesting stats. More fun than... well, anything I've ever written here.

I’ve tried PayPal buttons in various places around my sites, and this is what I know: a link in the right sidebar gets clicked 0.21% of the time. The same button in the left sidebar gets clicked 0.01% of the time. The link can be “below the fold” (not visible when the page first loads), but too far down and your click rate drops to zero.

Check it out, and ask me some questions!

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