A Digger's Lament

MCMWednesday, September 6, 2006

Compose, perfect, submit; I wait for you.
The queue, cruel muse, filled up with humbled dreams.
Reload, refresh, to catch your eye while new,
But voting's not the game that it would seem.

Buried deep 'neath my masters' ruthless gaze,
My life, so gray, gone on too long without...
Brush past, don't pause, just push me past this phase
Where all suppose my content's beyond doubt.

And O! to break past all my hopeless kin,
To spend the day atop the pack at last!
Yet still, the movement first needs to begin...
And as I slip down out of sight, it's passed.

Next time, devise a plan to dodge these traps...
Perhaps affix an 'awesome' in all caps?

I dedicate this to the poor victims of the Digg Triad Mafia, and would like to thank Reechard for first showing me it's cool to be a smartass in iambic pentameter. (submitted to Digg, despite knowing better)

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