Fission Chips

Fission Chips was my first experiment with what would turn into livewriting: chapters posted online, and at the end of each one, a poll. Depending on the answers given, the story goes in a different direction. I had in my head a series of events that would happen, and the various motivations by each of the characters, along the way. If the audience had Gare Marx (our not-very-nice hero) connect with the characters in the right way, at the right time, things would shake out one way or another. If not, his life would get harder and harder to predict.

The best part of the whole experience, and the reason I morphed this into livewriting at all, was because of one particular vote where everyone said to punch a character, without realizing that a previous vote had established (to me) that the punchee was a dog. And so I had Gare punch a dog. And although that sounds cruel and not funny, it was the first time I realized the power of asking for input from a diverse set of people. It's when I discovered how much fun chaos can be.

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