Be part of the problem

In 2038, asteroid mining is illegal, thanks to corrupt world governments protecting multinational corporations. To survive, poorer countries hire mercenaries to ship much-needed materials home... crazy, dangerous pilots known as dustrunners.

Feared in the skies, hunted at home.

But now a normal teenaged girl named Kani has been sucked into the fray, forced to fly dangerous missions in low Earth orbit, risking the lives of millions of people below. Trapped on all sides, she tries desperately to get out... but when you're being chased by the police, pirates and the mob, there aren't many escape options available, are there?

"What's going on?" Kani asked, and Stacey hushed her quiet.

"I'm in trouble, Kani," Stacey whispered with a trembling voice. "So much trouble. I don't know what else to do. I've got to run."

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