Cautiously optimistic about not combusting this week...

MCMMonday, September 11, 2017

In case it wasn’t obvious, last week was a wash. This week NEEDS to be better, or I will lose my mind.


Schnell: All episodes delivered as outlines, but none delivered as D1s. ALL episodes are in progress, but none are set. This is not, strictly speaking, an urgent problem… but I really wanted them clear before this week, and I’m having so much trouble writing them (for reasons that have nothing to do with them, and more to do with life in general) that I dunno if I’ll get them done this week, either. Blargh.

Also on Schnell: got asked to do touch-ups to episodes as they’re being recorded. That’s fun and new and wonderful… but hard to say if it’ll materialize. Contracts etc. We’ll see.

Parsley: Nothing new on Parsley and nothing coming soon, I reckon.

Marco: Spontaneous episode request last week, and an outline delivered (just not by me, so I don’t count it here). It will probably be quiet again, now.

Telsa: Go-ahead given, and D1 underway. No firm deadline, but ideally soon.


Problem King didn’t happen again last week, and given this week’s tone, it may be postponed again. However…

Utopian Hit Squad is now a book, and two chapters down, and I am going to power through this damn thing in 2 weeks. I am determined. It will be awesome. I think.


Tangents made a bit of progress last week, and will continue to develop this week. The outline is nearly 100% done.

Pitch du Week

Oversight. Failed again, but then given how craptacular last week was, I’m not surprised 🙂

I’m HOPING to improve my standards this week, but things are just blech, and I can’t shake it. No sense turning out garbage, so more hibernation may be needed. We shall see.

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