The Scarlet Lemming

OK, so I'd just figured out how to write a book in two days, for The New Real. What to do next? Apply the same principle to another Richardson/Marx story: The Scarlet Lemming. Fun fact about Richardson/Marx stories: I come up with titles that sound funny, and then figure out what they're about as I go. This was no different. I took input from my audience via Twitter, I messed with Gare's life with reckless abandon, and I made up a character so kind and so sweet, I really wished she didn't exist in this particular universe (Anzia, who'll still ride again some day).

The unique bit about Lemming was that it was promoted more heavily than I'd ever promoted something before (it had a trailer!) and I went out to physical locations to write it... which really only served to solidify in my mind that my audience was online, and I should stick to online. (and then I went to Belgium, but never mind that).

I have to finish proofing the draft of Lemming I have before I can release it, but last I checked, it still held up as a piece of comedic mystery with a cruel edge. Just the way I like it!

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