DogeFight FAQ

MCMMonday, May 24, 2021

In about a week, I will be starting a new project called DogeFight. It's CryptoFic, which is like livewriting + NFTs for a whole new kind of stupid and—

Yeah, you're right. I'd better back up a bit.

What's the story about?

It's about a disgraced former test pilot who's recruited by a billionaire to compete in the DogeFight — a secret competition with insanely high stakes. It's an action comedy (heavy on the comedy) that exposes all the truths about crypto and NFTs that you were afraid to ask. Like seriously, your brain may explode from the rapid-fire epiphanies you'll endure.

WTF is livewriting?

Livewriting is the act of creating a story in realtime, using input from the audience. Like improv fiction, or really dynamic mad libs. Normally, I do it on a compressed timeline (3 days for a novel) but this time I'm doing it over the course of a month.

WTF is an NFT?

An NFT is a non-fungible token, which is a complex thing that can be boiled down to: if you buy an NFT of something, you own a certified original copy of it. Everyone else owns a copy, but you own the real deal. Sometimes, there's "bonus content" included for owners, which brings us to...

WTF do you mean livewriting + NFTs?

OK, so you know how I said livewriting involves using audience participation to influence the story? And how NFTs contain bonus content? So that's it: the people who own the NFTs for DogeFight have the exclusive ability to influence the story.

What kinds of things can I destroy influence?

There are three types of NFT for this project: characters, chapters and wildcards. Owners of character NFTs will get to define basic things like name, gender and favourite movie. Chapter owners will get to see the outline for that chapter, and answer a few questions that can change the course of the plot. Finally, wildcard NFT holders can request one single ANYTHING, and I will have to do it.

Are you stupid?

Yes. Next question.

No, I mean why would you do this to yourself?

Here's the thing: I have written a lot of TV shows, and I have ghostwritten a lot of novels. And so I can say with absolute certainty that the wild and wacky input I get from random strangers on the internet is far less damaging than the notes I get from producers. But part of being a professional writer is adapting on the fly to strange requests — in fact, it's one of the things I like the most about being a writer. So this isn't a burden for me. It's gonna be fun.

What platform/blockchain are you using for this?

Oh hai, knowledgeable person! I'm using Ethereum/OpenSea for DogeFight. I know about the environmental costs and I do feel bad about it, but the Merge isn't happening soon enough, and if I don't do this now, I'll miss my chance. I had toyed with other stacks, but ultimately nothing was quite as user-friendly as OpenSea, so here I am. Please do not drag me into coinwars over this. I like all platforms equally.

When is the drop?

Here's the thing: I'm not doing a single drop for this, because minting that many tokens in a row is tiring and prone to glitches. So my plan is: I'll create a new NFT for each chapter a week before its launch, with an auction ending 2 days before. That way, the buyer has 24 hours to input their stuff before I start writing. Rinse, repeat. I'm releasing one chapter a day for the entire month of June, so there's lots of time for things to go wrong.

Are you doing this to get rich?

No, I'm doing this to have a good time and to give something back to the NFT family. This is a story written for the crazies out there — by the crazies out there — with some twists and turns that I hope will stimulate brain bits. If I make at least a few people gasp in horror, I've done my job.


Don't pretend you don't know it's godawful.

No, it's not that. I just always thought of it as a war crime, so "godawful" is actually pretty—

Shut up and answer the question

There's no art for DogeFight because I can't draw well enough. Or, put another way: there's no art for DogeFight yet. The entire series is Creative Commons licensed (BY-SA) so if you are an artist and you want to make your own NFT riffing on something you've read, you are more than welcome — and you don't even need to ask permission!

Psh, copyright. Go forth and do cool stuff, and all I ask (in a non-legally-binding way) is that you send me a link to your work so I can maybe spotlight it on my site.

I have a question not asked on this page right now

Drop me a line at @dogefightnft on Twitter and I'll do my best to sound coherent. No promises, though. I'm a writer, not a... uh... writer.

DogeFight starts June 1, 2021. Be ready.

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