Livewriting starts now

MCMFriday, November 26, 2010

Normally, I don't think to write these blog posts beforehand, and so I'm too stressed to do anything about updating my blog. THIS TIME, I'm being crafty and pre-writing things.

So what am I doing right now? I'm livewriting a book called "Polarity." It's the sequel to "Typhoon", which you hopefully have ready many times and want to buy people for Christmas (x10 if possible). This book picks up right after the last one ended, with Kani in too deep with a group of mercenaries called dustrunners, who are the nasty end of the asteroid piracy game. There's lots to cover, and I've probably JUST started the first chapter, so if you're game, hop on over to see.

What is there to see? Well, you can read the book so far, but at this point, there's not much book. But you can click on the "livewriting" tab and see me type in real time. Typos and all. It's quite cool. And if you're game, you can click on the "chat" tab and discuss what you see. I will read that chat and do my best to integrate your randomness into my randomness.

There are other features, too, but that's those are the basics. So stop reading this and read that instead! Go go go!

Oh, and there'll be another update here in a few hours. Pre-written, of course. For entertainment value.

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