The Bellhop Plot

A plot that could ruin hundreds of lives, and no way to stop it!

Lennie is pushed to the limit when a stakeout leads to a secondary case with hundreds of victims: an unscrupulous banker, swindling thousands from unsuspecting blue collar workers. But Lennie is quickly faced with a dilemma: to save the day, she may have to leave the case unsolved!

"Mr Parker!" I scold."You of all people should know nothing is ever out of my hands."

Lennie's on the case

Lennie Carson is a sassy young sleuth in 1925 Chicago, cracking cases with the help of her ethereal partner, Mr Parker. But between the pressures of being a reluctant debutante, and having to work for a living to get out from under her Uncle's thumb, Lennie has to be extra clever to help people in need. That, or fudge some facts along the way.

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