Droplet Pitches

MCMMonday, June 22, 2015

Droplets are still coming, and I'm finally ready to announce the first set of series coming to a screen near you. I'll do proper announcement posts for each of these closer to their launch dates, but for now, here we have...

Lennie Carson Mysteries

Lennie Carson is a sassy young sleuth in 1925 Chicago, cracking cases with the help of her ethereal partner, Mr Parker. But between the pressures of being a reluctant debutante, and having to work for a living to get out from under her Uncle's thumb, Lennie has to be extra clever to help people in need. That, or fudge some facts along the way.

The Chrysanthemum Rift Saga

A series of tales from an alt-fantasy version of ancient Japan, where a mysterious evil is on the prowl for vengeance, and a handful of reluctant heroes — spanning space and time — must come together to defeat the threat before it destroys them, everyone they care about, and very likely the very notion that they existed at all.

Niko Joe Adventures

Niko ran away from Earth because she couldn't stand all the stupid people she had to deal with. Unfortunately for her, pretty much the entire population of Mars is stupid, and it's her job to deal with them. Between her rollercoaster relationship with her co-worker/girlfriend, Eep, and the never-ending irritation with Goran, their boss, Niko has a hard time finding peace and quiet. But hey, at least she can shoot things.

Weapon of Mass Destruction

The thing about deadly weapons is they can do a lot of good in the right hands, and a lot of bad in the wrong ones. But what if the weapon has a mind of its own, and kinda enjoys the havoc it wreaks? Worse yet, what if that weapon gets loose, after forty years of cruel imprisonment?

Lucky for us, Jada -- the weapon -- is bound by a security measure: she needs to ask permission to touch absolutely anything.

Unluckily for us, her new handler is a little too innocent, and easily swayed.

The Archivists

Since before the dawn of civilization, humanity's progress has been chronicled by a dedicated organization of Archivists, whose sole focus is in recording the truth of history as it unfolds. It's a challenging task, and oftentimes dangerous. But they persist against incredible odds...

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