Sneaky Tricks.

MCMFriday, April 23, 2021

As has been well established, I am a nutbar with a brand new kind of crazy in the works. Now that I've got the story figured out and most of the mechanics in decent shape, I'm finally able to focus on what's truly important: the hidden treasures!

In most of my writing, I embed little easter eggs for the truly dedicated reader. For instance, if you read the first letter of the first word of each chapter of some of my books, it will spell out a secret message. Sometimes the easter eggs are content-based (crossover characters or sneaky references) but in some cases, I go the extra mile and make spoilers into the production.

Take the "Key" poster for Dustrunners:

OK so ignore my terrible drawing skills and focus on the tiiiiiiny text. See anything? That's right, it's code. Random numbers and letters and— wait, what's that? Some of the numbers are a little brighter than others! What could it mean? Well, string those suckers together and see what you get. That's right: a secret message! A secret message that spoils the entire Dustunners series, too. Hiding in plain sight since 2006.

So for this upcoming project, I have a few new tricks up my sleeve. For one, the NFT nature of the project means I can play with community involvement in a whole new way. If each chapter's owner gets secret cache of information, maybe I can bury some clues in there. Maybe I can make it so some mysteries can only be cracked if all the chapter owners get together to compare notes.

Maybe I can do layers upon layers of easter eggs, so that the owners of certain characters hold the key to easter eggs that won't even be released for years to come.

To recap: a book where characters, chapters and wildcards are avaialble for purchase + several layers of hidden messages ... all of which has to be easily executable on a fast timeframe, because I'm releasing a chapter every day for a month.

This is gonna be fun. So much fun.

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