Oki and Nobbin Day 1: Crash Bang Boom

MCMFriday, November 1, 2019

When Oki Pallen's latest job goes from bad to worse, she's forced to make a choice that could change her life forever... or end it altogether.

The lawn chair was slowing her down. Running down a lilting hallway with flames crackling at your heels — seconds left to live, best case scenario — that'd be stressful enough. But add a filthy paisley lawn chair to the mix, and boy oh boy, you're talking next-level crazy. And Oki Pallen, she had the lawn chair *strapped to her back*.

"Need an exit," she wheezed, trying not to fall as she rounded a corner and faced down an even longer corridor of fire, ash, molten metal and certain death. Down the way, the ceiling collapsed in, and a vibrant orange liquid started dissolving the floor. "Need an exit quick!" she said, and charged onward.

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