School My Way

MCMThursday, July 20, 2006

The Show is always a great way to start my day, but today's Wal-Mart bit made me spew coffee all over my computer. (Poor computer, always taking hot caffeinated baths. Actually, that doesn't sound half bad...)

I mean, just seeing the video from the Wal-Mart corporate video folks was funny enough, but the commentary added a whole new level of stupid to the enterprise. If teh internets folk were cohesive enough to run an Emmy-type awards show, this man would walk away with a bunch of statues.

Whenever I think I'm turning into a soulless sell-out after a quick buck, I will remember this post and know I've got a long way to go.

I have just decided that for the not-really-going-to-happen audiobook of the Crow book, Ze Frank should narrate. I mostly want to hear him say "BADABADA-PLIPPER-PLONG-PLOOP!"

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