4:00AM Update

MCMSaturday, May 28, 2005
This post is from a version of my blog with inconsistent timestamps: evidently I was very good at defining 'modified' dates, but not 'created' dates. As such, I can't be sure when the content was actually written. Sorry!

Well, we've come a long way, and we're going to take a break now. Because of our character artist glitches, we can't meet the 36 hour deadline to make the whole pitch package. We can get damn close, but the characters are essential, and out of our reach for the next few days.

So we're packing it in a bit early tonight so we can sleep (I personally didn't sleep even a second in the last 36 hours! Actually, even more than 48 hours! Woo!). There are a still a few odds and ends to do, like

  • other imp designs
  • portal image
  • season 1 story arc
  • website
  • printed package
  • trailer & theme song!*

But we can get those done while the characters are finished off, and are now planning on putting Aurora Six on eBay this coming Thursday (or thereabouts). So sorta mark your calendars!

Okay, enough talk. I gotta go. Wish us luck, cause some of us aren't used to sleeping anymore :)

  • not really
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