A&K Day 11 Recap

MCMThursday, August 12, 2010

Yesterday was a very key day for the story, and I think I bungled it badly. I had a minor run-in with a stapler, I was being talked to in real life just a little too much, and my brain was in the wrong place, so the first draft of the chapter went off the rails. I wrote a paragraph about the importance of Arkady, but I wrote it too soon, and then ended up having to write in circles to cover my mistake.

So last night, late last night, I rewrote most of the chapter. I removed things, added others, and I think made it make sense. I also added about 500 words to the thing.

So here's the key feature of that chapter, and tell me if it comes across (after reading the new version, I mean): UFIT is an association of terrorists. The founder created the group to allow terrorists to terrorize without actually hurting people. They stage hostage-takings and other attacks with volunteers, drawing attention to their cause without actual bloodshed. The organization took a long time to get going, but now that Arkady is drawing the spotlight, the fragmented coalition is willing to play ball, because they think there might be some value in it.

If that made sense after the latest draft, I did a good job. If not, I may need to recalibrate my brain :)

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