I Don't Understand This Rumsfeld Thing

MCMWednesday, November 8, 2006

This is the kind of post I generally avoid doing because American politics aren't my business, and it tends to unnecessarily polarize an audience. So with that in mind, my honest question for y'all:

Why didn't Bush can Rumsfeld last week? I mean, I know everyone would be saying it was a dirty election trick, but does it really matter if it was or not? I'm sure that would've placated a good many anti-Iraq right-of-centre folks who switched sides yesterday. The Republicans could have squeaked past with a tiny victory, but a victory all the same. It just seems like fantastically stupid (and uncharacteristic) political thinking on the part of Bush's team to wait till after they were whipped.

That said, I have absolutely no problems with the results of the election. But from a non-partisan viewpoint, I think Bush and Rove blew a great chance.

Oh, and I just saw this, posted to Boing Boing... the Rumsfeld situation in an Apple motif. Beauty.

I will aspire to not mention American politics again. Unless they invade Canada.

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