Creative Commons Christmas Guide

MCMTuesday, November 10, 2009

This year, I want to do something Good for the world. For the holidays. Because the radio tells me it's almost Christmas. Bloody hell.

Here's the plan: I'm assembling a catalogue of consumer-friendly content (books, music, movies etc) under permissive licenses (Creative Commons being the most obvious)... works that won't get you sued if you share them with your friends. It's like an ACTA-safe Christmas Guide for the socially-conscious shopper.

It'll be a website, nicely designed in the holiday spirit, stocked full of links to products that promise not to criminalize their owners for engaging in fair use. It's the gift that keeps on giving. Or, well, the gift that guarantees it won't be taken back.

Here's what I need: send me your products. Links to Amazon pages, websites, iTunes downloads, anything. What are the BEST free culture products out there? Let me know. I want to show the world how much cool stuff we have going on.

I'm hoping to have the first run at this catalogue up and running in two weeks. You can comment here, or email me with your ideas. Thanks!

All content released under a Creative Commons BY-NC license except the contents of "TV" section, which belong to their respective owners.