#refrigerator: 0 to go!

MCMMonday, December 21, 2009

What's that you say? I've done 12 books in 12 months? Are you nuts? Are you daft? Are you just a little bit insane? Well welcome to the club! Wooo!

This, right here, is Book #12: #refrigerator. Do not ask why it is called that, or what the cover means. That is none of your concern.

#refrigerator is a compilation of the year's short stories... 22,000 words in all. It's got all your favourites, and a few you've probably never seen. And for the next week, as an early Christmas present, I'm going to add "The Fangirl's Lament" to the mix, which is a special short story, otherwise unavailable outside the Typhoon Collector's Edition!

I just want to say a big thank you to everyone this year, whether you're on Twitter, in the comments here, or somewhere else entirely... you made this possible. You made it fun. And a little painful. I'm sorry for the curses. I'll get those sorted out next year.

Oh, and speaking of next year... there are some REALLY exciting things brewing. Be sure to check back here on January 1 for the start of a crazy new decade!

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