Amanda Congdon at HBO?

MCMSunday, November 12, 2006

An article at Backstage.com details Amanda Congdon's plans for the future. Apparently a show at HBO. From zee article:

Details of the project are still being hammered out, but Congdon said she's aiming for a multiplatform property that will be integrated with original video content online. She intends to write and star in the series.

The word "multiplatform" makes me cringe these days (it's like "pervasive in 2000), but other than that, this sounds like a great gig. I'm interested to see how far HBO is willing to go down the multiplatform road, especially with a New Media player's show. Their recent efforts have felt a lot like "the web's a promotional medium only", rather than giving it any kind of real weight. Hopefully this'll help turn the tide.

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