What do you do when you're nominated?

MCMWednesday, August 26, 2009

I've always wondered what one does when one is nominated for an award. You always hear what celebrities do, but those people aren't really human, so they don't count.

Having come as close as I'm likely to come, I will illuminate the details. This is what one does after one is nominated for an award:

  1. Answer many, many emails. In every one, get just as excited as the first;
  2. Get no writing done, but discover a newfound talent for web work;
  3. Drink very good red wine;
  4. Watch the disappointing finale of Iryu 2;
  5. Traumatize one's kitten with a YouTube video of a cat making loud noises while eating, sending one's kitten into a panic attack, trying to figure out where the invader is hiding;
  6. Fall asleep at a reasonable hour.

The day after, there may be the occasional interview to do, but mostly it's about getting websites made and writing Fission Chips before various interested parties make good their threats to disembowel you if you fall behind.

Still, it was a fun day.

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