Quick FAQ on the TorrentBoy Project

MCMWednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm trying to consolidate my answers about TorrentBoy into one place so I don't keep repeating myself (badly) all the time. This is my work-in-progress introduction to the Project...

What is TorrentBoy?
It's about a property for kids 6-11, about a kid named Wesley with a talking watch that turns him into a super hero named TorrentBoy. Along with Crash (a laser blaster-wielding teddy bear) they save the world and protect the TorrentSphere from evil-doers and monsters like proton leeches. The first book of the series, "Zombie World!" chronicles a plot by the sinister Lord Thorax to take over the world by turning everyone into zombies... and it's up to TorrentBoy, Crash, and a girl named Gabby to stop him!

What is the TorrentBoy Project?
The Project's goal is to expand the TorrentBoy world in new and exciting directions. All the creative materials behind the property are accessible under a Creative Commons NonCommercial ShareAlike license, so you're free to experiment in whatever way you like. Creators can write a story, a comic, draw a poster or a do a painting or anything else they like, adding depth to the property and building off the work of others. The best ideas will have their license switched to allow commercial use, meaning artists can benefit from the momentum of the whole.

What's the point of the Project?
We're trying to make a new franchise for kids from the point of view of Internet folks. Whether it's the absurdity of DRM or the value of free-flowing communication, there are themes that don't get much traction in traditional media that TorrentBoy will tackle, in an entertaining way. And the best way to tap into those ideas is to leave the door wide open for everyone to participate. If you only let five people play with your concept, you can only get five different points of view, no matter how great they are. By inviting everyone, we're inviting an unlimited number of points of view, and your potential for inspiration increases exponentially.

Isn't this like that "wisdom of the commons" idea? That never works!
This isn't about the wisdom of the commons, or even the quality of the commons. It's about the ingenuity of the commons, and not putting a limit on the impulse to create. If you left it to record companies to dream up thru-you.com, it never would have happened. Some things need to come from outside the box, and this project is all about encouraging and embracing those sparks of brilliance.

What's there to do on the Project?
It's not all to do with writing and drawing... there's an entire world that needs defining and exploration, so that others can follow along. Or, on a more technical side, we need to find the perfect web system to help with the creative process, or figuring out the proper procedures for managing such a complex project. Or thinking of new ways to turn these crazy ideas into money-making endeavours for the artists and other supporters. There are a lot of things that need to evolve, so no matter your speciality, there's something to do.

If you have any other thoughts that aren't covered, feel free to post them below. I'm trying to get a minor update done to the TBProject site, so I may not answer for a few hours, but at least I'll know where to look. To all those who've emailed me and are also reading this, I will reply to you each individually as well, but it'll be a while. Thanks for your patience!

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