Meet Nala

MCMThursday, May 10, 2018

So we just moved into a new house (which we own) and part of the reason we did this was so we could foster dogs. Why is fostering important? After the accident, my wife came to realize she really wanted to help defenseless creatures (like herself, in that moment) and has been pushing for us to get a place with a fenced yard so we could start helping.

Well, the back yard doesn't have grass yet, and the fence is probably a year away, but we are fostering full-speed ahead.

This is our very first foster dog, Nala. The thing to know about her is that she is pure energy. Like she runs from one end of the house to the other, smacking into walls and furniture on her way, but doesn't slow down one bit. I have never seen a creature so determined to move before. It's kinda awesome.

We have to go through a process to find her the perfect family, but I have no doubt she'll be a great addition to any home. Just so long as they don't keep breakables on the floor :)

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