Development Services

I am a freelance concept developer for TV and film. What does that mean? It means I adapt and hone creative ideas to produce both pitch and production materials like series bibles, pilot scripts, and associated materials. Often, I do this anonymously, to maintain a creative team's vision — I'm here to enhance, not showboat.

I have developed many properties over the last decade, and know how to structure a "crazy idea" into a concept that can sustain a multi-season series. From character development to story arcs, mythology to story structure (in-episode, mini-arcs or series arcs), I can give your idea the shape it needs to not just turn heads, but calm nerves.

Pre-Deal Story Editor

Sometimes all you need is someone to help refine your outlines and scripts — but you aren't in a position to offer a long-term commitment to a writing team. I can give you all the benefits of an experienced story editor, without any strings attached.

Script Punch Ups

Do you have a script that's working well, but is missing a "spark" to really keep people engaged? I can help liven up your text, both in terms of jokes, quips and asides; but also in terms of cadence and rhythm — and not just in the dialogue. A good script is engaging, top to bottom, and that is what I excel at.

Confidentiality and Quality Assured

Much like my ghostwriting services, I take my vow of confidentiality very seriously. I won't divulge my project list except when explicitly given permission. I can say I've worked on countless series in Canada, the US and Europe, many of which have made it to air. And while I can't guarantee that I can get your idea a broadcast deal — because no one can do that — I can guarantee that it be in the best shape possible.


I am currently booking projects starting in June 2021.

Rate Card

As of January 2021, my rate for TV work is $250/hour.

ServiceBilledAverage TimeEstimated Cost
Development ConsultingHourly10 hours
Series BibleFlat rate6 weeks
Episode Planning
Episode PremisesFlat rate1 day per 30 mins
Episode Outline (11 min)Flat rate3 days
Episode Outline (30 min)Flat rate1 week
Episode Outline (60 min)Flat rate2 weeks
Episode Scriptwriting (working from outline)
Episode Script (15 min)Flat rate1 week
Episode Script (30 min)Flat rate2 weeks
Episode Script (60 min)Flat rate4 weeks
Script Editing
Story Editing (30 min)Hourly4 hours
Story Editing (60 min)Hourly8 hours
Story Editing (Feature)Hourly20 hours
Punch Ups (30 min)Flat rate3 days
Punch Ups (60 min)Flat rate1 week
Punch Ups (Feature)Flat rate2 weeks

Unfortunately, these prices are not negotiable. I do not offer discounts in exchange for royalties.

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