RollBots in the Ottawa Citizen

MCMThursday, February 5, 2009

I will refrain from saying too much about this article in the Ottawa Citizen (I've said a lot about the photo-taking excitement already), except to say this:

I ramble. I apparently ramble so much that, to quote a journalist friend, "You make for a fun interview". On the other hand, I believe I come across like a nutter, and I hope I don't scare people away from the show. If you read that article and arrived here by some chance, please realize I am a much more down-to-Earth and studied person that I came across. I...

... yeah, okay, I can't do it. I'm a nutter.


Witness the insanity:

"He is the equivalent of an orphan in this world, and then (the show will) play out his evolution into a hero through that basis," said MCM. "It sounds funny. I am talking so poetically about a show about robot marbles."

This just goes to show you that some people are not meant to talk to the press.

Update, after day of replying to email about the article: One thing I want to explain is that everyone on the production was very aware of the fact that we were making a show about robot marbles, and we knew it was a bit of an uphill battle to make the series appear as anything more than a 22-minute toy commercial. So we worked really hard to wrap that basic premise with interesting characters, engaging plots, and a story arc that spans many seasons, that twists and turns in ways you (hopefully) won't expect. So what's most silly about it, to me, is that we've made something so insanely elaborate, all based around the concept of talking marbles. It's not belittling our efforts to say that. It's like: "Wow, we are able to talk poetically about a show about robot marbles." I just wanted to make sure it was clear I wasn't insulting my own show. I save my insults for myself.

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