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Worry Eaters

There are some shows that are just too much fun to be legal, and Worry Eaters is at the top of that list. Based in Germany, it's already got toys available all over the world, with what should be an AMAZING show airing soon. Here's the official write-up, from the Hahn Film website:

What if your plush toy was alive and could help you through your troublesome times? Saggo and his friends – a chaotic, yet lovable bunch of Worry Eaters – juggle their lives between two realms: The human world, where they happily chew up the worries of their protégés; and DADA-Land, where they experience fun adventures of their own special kind.

I'm writing a whole bunch of episodes right now (in English, in case you're wondering), and I'll update this page as soon as I know an airdate near you. Stay tuned!

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