Bytown e3c11: You Can’t Have Both

MCMMonday, May 25, 2020

Semi-automated announcement: Bytown episode 3 chapter 11 is live! Here's a preview...

The sun was setting, making it near-impossible to see whenever she turned westward, and the heat of the summer’s day was starting to wear her down. It had been hot and humid inside Liam’s house, but somehow the company had made it more bearable than being alone outdoors. She felt a panic rising up inside her, like she needed to find a way to escape the inescapable. She had to get out of Corkstown.

She kept walking--though she had no idea where she was headed anymore--and hoped some detail would trigger a memory of how she’d gotten here, and how to get out again.

“Maggie!” called Colleen, spotting her from a distance. For a moment, Maggie thought of running...but she knew that would only make things worse, on so many fronts.

Colleen caught up with her, out of breath. “There you are! I’ve been lookin’ for you everywhere!”

“I got a little lost,” muttered Maggie, and Colleen laughed.

“Happens to the best of us,” she said. “You alright?”

Maggie shook her head like she wasn’t sure of that herself. “It’s just...” she said. “I...can you apologize to Liam for me? Tell him I’m sorry, but I--”

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