Twist: Cutest Little Thing is Out!

MCMTuesday, October 27, 2015

Droplet Fiction is a new experiment wherein I release a new "episode" every week, cycling between multiple series until each run is finished. The stories are available for purchase at Amazon, and eventually on a Droplet Fiction app for iOS and Android.

Here's where we take an unexpected twist, with the release of the livewritten horror story Cutest Little Thing...

When Renny receives a mysterious package in the mail, it seems like someone mistakenly sent him an adorable bobblehead from Japan. His friends think it's the cutest thing ever... until it comes to life and starts brutally hunting them for sport. Now, the only way to avoid a gruesome end is to figure out the rules that govern this giggling little monster, and to find a way to get the demon back in the box.

Some cuteness is best seen from a distance. And through bulletproof glass.

Check out the rest and stay tuned for more excitement next week!

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