Quick Vector FAQ

MCMMonday, July 20, 2009

I've received a bunch of questions today about The Vector and I want to cover some of them before I get too distracted by shiny objects.

Why aren't you publishing on Smashwords?

I will, but not quite yet. The problem with Smashwords is that a) their conversion engine makes me shiver, after all the work I put into careful design and pagination; and b) synchronizing their "preview" feature with my serialization is tricky. I have to do things by % of total words, and that doesn't usually connect to a chapter very well. I'll probably put the book up there in some form soon, but it'll take me a while to massage it until it works the way I want.

Why aren't you publishing on Kindle?

Funny story. To publish on Kindle from Canada, I can go through Mobipocket.com. But first I need to send Mobipocket some special forms. The forms require me to send a US tax form that takes 4-6 weeks to process. The tax form requires a copy of my passport, which is expired. To process my passport application takes 4-6 weeks. And all of that depends on my remembering to get the photos taken. So I probably won't be on Kindle until Amazon lets Canadian publishers into their store. So, like, shortly before Hell freezes over.

Why aren't you publishing on Shortcovers?

I love Shortcovers, but I haven't got my publisher account authorized yet. I sent in the forms months ago and forgot to follow up. I will get on that as soon as I can. Sorry!

Why isn't there a print version?

There will be. I'm going to offer a paperback version for $12.99 sometime in September, and a limited edition, signed and numbered hardcover (with bonus features!) for about $60 shortly thereafter. The reason I don't have print versions NOW is because it costs $100 to prep the book for press, and I'm not made of money :)

There were other questions about racism and writing style I want to address, but they'll need their own posts. Happy reading!

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