Fission Chips Winner Day!

MCMMonday, August 31, 2009

Remember that Fission Chips Mystery Card contest I've been running for the last few months? About 6,400 of you have participated (even if you didn't realize it). Well now we have a winner!

After tallying up all the results (by which I mean I got the server to do it), the winner with 3,014 pings is Ebonwumon!

[wild applause]

As part of the deal, a character of undefined characteristics has been characterized and inserted into the story, which will tie up the mystery of the business cards quite nicely. You'll all be surprised. It's not what you're expecting.

I just want to thank everyone that participated in this fun experiment. You brought in a lot of new readers and different points of view that have made writing this story a lot of fun. I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have. If not, well, too bad for you. You should have been drinking earlier in the day I guess.

Now be prepared. We're in to our last four chapters of Fission Chips on Thursday. This is where things get MESSY...

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