Scarlet Lemming Recap and Voting (Day 1)

MCMTuesday, February 16, 2010

So the first day of The Scarlet Lemming went really well, and the world is a joyous place. Gare has been assigned his new case, sees a way out of the miserable existence he has been living for the past year...

... that is, if he can escape a scary man come to get him.

This is where YOU come in! For the last 12 hours, people have been suggesting how Gare can escape. I had my randomizer pick 3 entries, which are below. You have until 4PM (EST) today to vote for your favourite option, and that will be what Gare does. Vote well! And hurry!

Update again: vote here instead. Doesn't work as an embed, but it works.

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