A great way to start the day... er, night

MCMMonday, September 18, 2017

Mind = lost, but in new ways.

ALSO: I scheduled this for 8PM instead of 8AM, because I am THAT smart.


Schnell: Still have to submit those 4 episodes. Still not quite ready. Argh.

Parsley: Two episodes came back for D1! TWO! Luckily, this week isn’t busy with the animation festival, or— oh wait.

Marco: Ha ha ha, guess what else came back with a D2 request? YES! WOO!

Telsa: Waiting on details to proceed with the D1. Hopefully soon.


Problem King is one again paused, but on the plus side, I made a word count dashboard that’s really cool. Uh. Um. OK, yes.

Utopian Hit Squad is also slightly paused, but:

Jacked 101 is making great progress as a book! I should be done in a day or two, assuming there’s no animation festival this week that’ll— oh wait.


Tangents was largely paused last week because I had other things that needing ignoring, too.

Pitch du Jour

Oversight. Nada, but I think that’ll be my big gig for this week, if the poll is any indication! Stay tuned!

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