Pig Redux

MCMThursday, July 13, 2006

UPDATE: You might also be interested in reading how you can Free the Pig.

The Pig has eaten my webserver. I will probably owe Hostway nine trillion dollars by the time this is all over. Thank god the digg story didn't really catch on.

The Pig and the Box is quite possibly in the process of being translated into German, Slovenian, Norwegian, Japanese and Spanish. Being a good Canadian, I am going to try and find a francophone to do French too. Most likely I'm going to fail. I live in BC, there aren't that many to choose from.

Between answering hundreds of emails and making sure the server's not dead, I've been working on The Crow Who Could Fly my follow-up-but-not-a-sequel book. Thus far, my kids hate it, so I think I have a long way to go.

My younger daughter saw the dedication page for the first time tonight and said to me very seriously: "Daddy, erase my name from that page. I don't want to own this book." Her true feelings emerge!

Thanks to all for the kind words, and I hope to entertain you again shortly. If not with badly-drawn animals, perhaps with deranged pastafarians.


See the top of the left column on this page for the various language translations. A big thanks to nex, Wei, Frank, Laura and half the population of Norway for their efforts!

French is done! See the links on the top left of the page.

Still missing is Japanese! That's just my wishlist. If anyone can do one it, or knows someone who can, please send them my way.

UPDATE AGAIN: If you're really nuts and would like a Lolipop Jones shirt or whatnot, I quickly threw together a cafepress store of the bunny jumping with glee. I'll do other doodles on request, but for now I'm going back to my emails until I cut the unread count down to something sane. Pig and the Box Shop is here.

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