Arkady and Kain

I'd done #3D1D and I'd done #2D1D, but I wanted to experiment further, so I tried out something that's like #1M1D — one month to write one draft. Kinda like NaNoWriMo, but in August.

The story was based on a movie I made in high school, about a counterspy assigned to interfere with a hot young terrorist named Arkady Denver. In the years since the original, terrorism kinda took on a whole different meaning to the world, so I changed things up to match, while still retaining the basic theories. There was a lot of philosophy involved, and the characters are more tortured, but in the service of something that I think really works as a piece of writing.

Instead of using custom software or Twitter, this time I just wrote it in Google Docs (at the time, still very new) and shared it with people, so they could see me working. Turns out, Google Docs was not the right choice, and people kept getting dropped unexpectedly, or being unable to comment. But I got it done, and it was great. It also has, oddly enough, a line I've had quoted to me by people who assumed I'd remember writing it. It goes:

Every choice has a consequence, every consequence another choice. Little agonies waiting to be embraced. Only the moment before the choice really weighs anything. Very heavy moments, exploding into nothing.

Arkady and Kain will be released as a proper book as soon as I have time to finish revising it.

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