Release #10: Xander and the Wind! (2 to go!)

MCMThursday, November 26, 2009

When I started writing this book, it was summer. When I FINISHED writing this book, it was summer. And yet somehow it wasn't ready until today. Sigh.

This is "Xander and the Wind", my newest children's book. It was commissioned by the amazing @ppival, who told me the story of his son and the wind, which was really very easily adapted into something like this. To quote the book blurb:

Xander and the wind did not get along. Every time he had a balloon, it flew away. Every time he had an umbrella, it flipped inside-out. Every time he blew soap bubbles, they got in his eyes. Xander knew he had to learn to get along with the wind... but how?

The writing is light and fluffy (a nice change after so much heaviness lately) and the artwork is something new for me. More abstract, more painterly. Let me know what you think.

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