Oh no! It's MCM!

MCM is an author and Daytime Emmy-nominated writer with a knack for the eclectic. He got his start creating and writing the award-winning animated series RollBots (YTV/4Kids), about robots that transform into marbles and race on sky-bound rollercoaster tracks. He’s also the co-creator (with Craig Young and Cory Morrison) of the preschool series Shutterbugs (TVOKids/Knowledge), as well as the internet fable The Pig and the Box, downloaded over 2 million times in over a dozen languages, and praised by award-winning author Cory Doctorow.

In 2011, he was invited to "perform" a livewritten novel (The Archivists) at the Vooruit arts centre in Ghent, Belgium, creating an 80,000-word thriller in realtime, broadcast on the internet to an audience of tens of thousands, using input from the audience to influence the story. Beyond that, he has also written for the TV series Justin Time (Disney/Netflix), Ollie: The Boy Who Became What He Ate (CBC), True and the Rainbow Kingdom (TVOKids/Netflix), Worry Eaters (Hahn Film), and co-story edited the series Terrific Trucks for NBC/Sprout.

In his spare time, MCM merges code and fiction, like the app-based Dirt (iOS/Android) — a mystery told in texts and photos.

He lives in Ottawa, Canada with his wife and rapidly disappearing daughters, an assortment of adorable foster dogs, and also the damn cat who wakes him up at 2AM to look at socks.

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