Das ist me, ja?

Me Oh hai

I am MCM, writer of things. I know you're wondering: why does he call himself MCM? Two words: career intertia. Two relevant words: lazy bugger. My actual name-name is Michael C. Milligan. The "C" stands for something mysterious, like Caligula, or Clarice.

What am I about? I am a screenwriter and author. These days, I mostly write animated preschool TV shows like True and the Rainbow Kingdom and Justin Time: GO! My background is... diverse, shall we say. I have a habit of building complex web apps so I can write books in realtime, on the internet, with feedback from the audience; but then I also like designing book covers for fun.

What am I best-known for? I wrote the anti-DRM internet fable The Pig and the Box, as well as created the animated series RollBots. You may have also bumped into me via #3D1D Typhoon or The Archivists, which flooded Twitter with confusing hashtags back in the day.

What is this site for? It's a portfolio site, mostly. People ask me: what do you do? and I ramble incoherently until they lose interest. This site allows me to ramble incoherently to a much wider audience. So. Yes.