A Note About Cycles

MCMFriday, September 11, 2009

This is an excuse post, wherein I will distract you from a lack of content.

I don't know if other writers have this problem, but I live in a world of cycles. I wear many hats, so I have many cycles, and while I have tried to map them all out, they're too unpredictable, so I had to give up and put myself at their mercy.

I have a dramatic writing cycle, a comedy cycle, a programming cycle, a plotting cycle, a graphic design cycle, a drawing cycle, a video editing cycle, and sometimes a "shut up and leave me alone" cycle. Though not often.

Today, I am knee-deep in a programming cycle, coming off a comedy one, and if I'm lucky, heading towards a drawing one. I really need to draw some stuff soon. Last time I thought I was heading in that direction, I had a burst of video editing that got me nowhere. I must finish Xander and the Wind before the month is out, but my brain just isn't there. It's like writer's block, except it has nothing to do with writing, and I end up producing a lot of OTHER stuff, so it just looks like I'm being rude. I'm not, honest. I'm battling with rampant distractibility.

Which is to say: I may not be producing as much writing content over the next few days/weeks as I had been. It's not you, it's me. Though you can blame yourself too if it would make you feel better.

(note: Fission Chips will be produced on schedule, because I have a song I listen to that jumpstarts that part of my brain. I wish I had that for drawing...)

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