Goodbye, cruel world...

MCMMonday, August 28, 2017

Aaaaand another fun week, with a twist! I’m bringing Kid 1 to university this week! OMG! Trauma!

As such, my schedule will be borked. But that’s OK, because I planned ahead! Sorta! Here’s this week’s adventures:


Schnell: Four episodes were ordered to outline on Thursday last week, and one has been delivered, with another ready soon. With any luck, I’ll get notes to bring at one of them to D1 today. I only have until EOD Wednesday to finish everything… not much time, but still enough time to get two done!

Parsley: Due to broadcaster notes and turnaround times, I don’t expect anything back on this until after the long weekend.

Marco: Ditto here. After the long weekend, or even further.

Telsa: Nada last week, but maybe this week. Actually, hopefully NOT this week. That would be just a LITTLE too much to handle…


Problem King fell off the radar last week, but I’m going to get back into writing this week, and then heavily NEXT week. The good thing about Schnell taking a pause in September is it gives me oodles of hours to write novels. Problem King first, Other You after.


Dammit, I got distracted by a new idea last week: Tangents. It’s a strange kind of webfiction delivered primarily through Instagram, and will last for an entire year. The trick being: I need to write 290 individual segments of 120 characters each before any of it can start. So that’s gonna take some doin’.


Hey Genie got its outline posted on Friday, and I have already started on the D1. I’ll probably have to pause it until I get back from the university trip, but I don’t see much trouble killing that off WAY before the deadline. It practically writes itself, it does!

Pitch du Week

Oversight. Again. I mean not really, because HA, but yeah. Eventually.

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