Crow Preview

MCMThursday, July 20, 2006

So my follow-up to the Pig is called The Crow Who Could Fly... and while I work on the art and text and all the other fiddly things that go into making one of these suckers, I thought I'd post a preview. The words may change a bit, but this is basically what you're in for. Hope y'all like it!

”I INVENTED FLYING!” yelled the crow, “and if you want to keep on flying, you had better be nice to me! If you don’t, I will fly after you no matter where you go, and gobble you up!”

This scared the butterfly so much she lost three spots on her wings.

Just then the crow’s tummy grumbled like this: WAKAWAKA-BIDDLY-DOO-DAH!

So he said: “I have an idea, little miss butterfly... if you bring me a snack every Monday at noon, I will not eat you at all, and you can keep on flying.”

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