Livewriting check-in again!

MCMSaturday, November 27, 2010

Greetings, little ones! It is time for another livewriting check-in, written days in advance! So I have no idea if I'm even still alive. Quite possibly not. I'm gettin' old, y'know. Or at least that's what Anna tells me. Repeatedly.

Are we seeing the big picture yet? Do you have some idea what's coming? Or do you THINK you do? Because I'm pretty sure you don't. The story is wonderfully convoluted this time. I really loved plotting it all out.

What can I tell you that's safe? Ah, ok... the protestors. That's heavily based on the Toronto protest this year, but I want to do my best to make the people involved a bit more nuanced than you might expect. I was in Ottawa for some big-ass protests a few years ago... right downtown where the badness happened... and I can say that while I dislike a lot about what the bigwigs do to draw the protests, I really dislike many protestors more. So I'm trying to put aside that bias and make them into flawed but well-intentioned people. Not sure if I'm succeeding.

The next few hours — if I survive them — will bring a lot of these storylines to their climaxes... and almost certainly not in the way the characters want.

Get ready and wish me luck!

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