TorrentBoy Update: Coding is Hard

MCMWednesday, April 1, 2009

Stupid feature creep.

I'm building a system for managing TorrentBoy creations right now. It's a pretty simple beast, but the theory still makes my head spin. While it take a break from breaking things, I will give you a quick rundown: from now on, creators upload their work to the site by filling out a form. As part of it, they define a royalty value for the work, which is IN ADDITION to the 20% the Project takes. So when you're looking to make a shirt, you can browse the list of images in the system and see how much each one will cost you if you use it. You'll be able to sort the list by cost and other criteria, which should give everyone what they want. The process will be fully invisible to seller, though: they pay a single royalty to the Project, and the Project pays out to the individual creators. Win for everyone, especially if the royalty rates are kept low.

It's a start, anyway. I just have to finish making it.

Lots of cool stuff in development from various quarters, including an exciting (for me) creation by an artist I greatly admire. Not sure about timing from anybody, but I know things are moving. Yay!

Internationalizations are a funny topic for the project. I don't expect anyone to translate "Zombie World!" any time soon (if you want to, be my guest... but seriously, that's a lot of text). But you can very easily create your own non-English TorrentBoy content. I'll have to see about giving the wiki some multilingual support. In the meantime, here's the Japanese wordmark, which is a polished version of a draft sent to me earlier today...

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