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If you're looking for the guy who writes code, TV shows and books, you have come to the right place.

Some things I'm known for:

April 2021


I have a very short attention span and decided to get codey, and a few days later Blockville was born. It's a generative art project that may or amy not amuse you, depending how geeky you are.
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March 2021

New Site

This site may look the same, but it's been completely upgraded with a ReactJS core, which would've been relatively easy except the transition broke a lot of the more complex features and yeesh, I need a nap now. If you see anything broken, drop me a line so I can weep a little more.
March 2021

Bytown Bottled

Bytown is being put back in the bottle. For slightly more information, check out the Bytown page.
I'm so confused...
February 2021

Shell Game Coming

2021's first project — a globe-spanning spy thriller — is kicking off soon. It's a sprint project, so a select few alpha readers will get to follow along in real time. If you're up for some chaos, drop me a line to get in on the action.
January 2021

Happy New Year!

It's the start of a new year, and I feel fine. 2021 is going to be all about happiness and uplifting things, one way or another — so stay tuned for some aggressively upbeat news!
November 2020

Ghostwriting Section

To save me the trouble of copy/pasting the same info into 10,000 emails, I've created a ghostwriting page on the site so you can get the scoop on how to hire me to write for you...yes, you!
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April 2020

Topic Tag Returns

Yes, everyone's favourite nonsensical pastime is back with a vengeance. Every week, one lucky victim suggests a topic, and I write a short story for them...and then they pick next week's winner. Sound like fun? Good!
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