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MCMWednesday, November 1, 2006

The Blogging Times has some fun doing silly commentary (that's a compliment coming from me) and serious business analysis about the Ze Frank/Rocketboom hitcount war:

Last time I checked, no one gave an F$#@ about the people who walked out of movies after paying for a ticket. Just like Mickey D’s doesn’t care if you throw away the fries after purchase, the point is to get you in the door.

To which I wrote:

The question is how we count people who buy the fries in the first place. I believe Ze’s point is that he counts people that finish the fries and belch in appreciation, whereas Rocketboom is throwing them at people walking past on the sidewalk, and counting them as happy customers.

I quote my own reply here mostly so I can find it at a later date when I disregard my own opinion and do something stupid.

If someone out there would like to go to McDonalds, buy a bunch of small fries and throw them at people passing on the sidewalk (THROWING, please) and upload the video to Revver, I'm sure you'd make a lot of money. Or get arrested. Either way I'll be amused.

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