Everything is Late

MCMMonday, September 11, 2006

It rained overnight for the first time in weeks on Friday, and something that had been dormant outside came alive with fantastic superpollen, which hit me with allergies for the first time in about 2 years. Just like countless commanders in battles throughout history, I pounded my enemy with the biggest weapon in my arsenal: Sudafed. And just like countless generals in battles throughout history, I burned myself pretty bad. I'm four days behind schedule and only starting to get out the self-imposed haze. Push will be late, as will a bunch of other things. Tomorrow's my statutory holiday (anniversary) so I won't do anything much here.

Now on today's particular anniversary, I don't have much to add. Lots of people are a lot more articulate, a lot more involved, and impacted by 9/11. I remember writing a really pointless post in the forums on dustrunners.com back in 2001 about everything that was going on... that was me over-reaching back then, and there's no point in trying again. Ideally, we'd all have the same sense of unity five years later, but focus it on the topics we were ignoring back then. Unity shouldn't be stuck in the far-right of the spectrum... lefties shouldn't be the only ones to make the move.

I shall return for Cubits Wednesday, though it may not involve Cubits.

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