Last Pig Post

MCMSunday, July 16, 2006

I won't make any more new posts about the Pig because it's getting silly (which is saying something). So my last notes on the subject before I return to Push and the Crow and all the other fun projects that eat my days and nights:

If you want to buy Pig shirts etc, go to The Pig and the Box Shop at Spreadshirt.com. If there are any other images you'd prefer, just drop me a line and I can make whatever you fancy. Half of the $3 profits go to Oxfam, and the rest offsets my bandwidth bill :)

There are 3 translations still to come (that I've been told about). When those are done and I get my test print from Lulu.com (thanks to all who suggested it!) I will put all the translations online for order in print form. From what I understand, I don't have to worry about pre-orders because lulu takes care of it all for me. So soon you might be able to damage children away from the computer screen, too!

There is a big discussion (far bigger than the Pig) about the merits of DRM and the issue of artists and consumers and money and rights... I want to address that sometime (I've talked about similar things before, but I want to put it into something more comprehensive), but for now let me just say that technological DRM is a fundamental waste of money and resources, but sociological DRM (which would then not be called DRM, I guess) is something that all people should try and define and appreciate. I won't burn that bridge till I get to it, though.

Finally, another very big thank you to everyone for all the kind things you've said about the book... I especially appreciate how you pretend the artwork didn't fry your retinas. It's been so much fun the past few days, I'm dreading returning to the real world next week.

If you have anything new and exciting you want to talk about, add it to the comments below. Thanks again, all!

Update: Audiobook Question:

A bunch of people have suggested an audiobook version of the story, or creating animations of it. That's definitely 200% great, and so to maybe help kick things off for those so inclined, I'd like to see what people think about a read-aloud version... sounds like fun? Personally, I'd want to have one of those little tingly chime noises to tell people to turn pages (like on my old records when I was a kid), and I think Alex Albrecht (of Diggnation fame would be a great narrator ("Youuuuu stinky pig!"... sorry, it sounds funny in my head).

So if anyone has any ideas, let's bring 'em out in the open here, cause I'm obviously bad at coordinating :)

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